Commercial Real Estate Loans - Time to get Growing

You’ve no doubt heard the expression that timing is everything. Take commercial real estate, for example. Inventory and interest rates are both optimal right now, making this a perfect time to consider a commercial real estate investment. Whether you want to expand your plant, your warehousing, or your retail presence, we can help you sort through all the available federal- and state-backed lending programs to find the loan that’s best for your particular situation. That’s what we call Smart Lending. It’s the only kind of lending that we do at Pikes Peak National Bank. Contact us today and let us help you make the best borrowing choices to empower and grow your small business.

Christian Pence, Commercial Lender

Christian Pence
Commercial Lender

Asiatic Cook  Commercial Lender PPNB

Asiatic Cook
Commercial Lender

Sean Henning - Senior Vice President Pikes Peak National Bank

Sean Henning
Chief Credit Officer