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Pikes Peak National Bank is a small business and a small business lender. So, we tend to think of the small business community as superheroes. Just look at what we have powered through this past year together! Yes it was rough, but we never quit. Now, we’re entering a new phase, a better phase. Perhaps now would be a good time for some strategic borrowing to really put the past in the past and take your business to the next level. If you’re ready to be treated like the superhero that you are, schedule with us for a Smart Lending conversation. We will help you make the best borrowing choices to empower and grow your small business.

Christian Pence, Commercial Lender

Christian Pence
Commercial Lender

Asiatic Cook  Commercial Lender PPNB

Asiatic Cook
Commercial Lender

Sean Henning - Senior Vice President Pikes Peak National Bank

Sean Henning
Chief Credit Officer