About Pikes Peak National Bank

Pikes Peak National Bank was opened in 1957 by local business people from the west side of Colorado Springs. It is one of the few independent banks left in Colorado Springs.  In 2017, we will celebrate 60 years of service to the community of Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region.

While dedicated to all customers, Pikes Peak National Bank is particularly focused on serving the needs of small business owners in our community.  Our goal is to become a resource, an educational provider and a connector for not only our small business customers but all small businesses in the region.  We truly believe that a strong business community is beneficial to all who live here.  We are determined to do our part in that regard.

Our 2020 Vision

We set the standard for community banking.

We are committed to innovation, trustworthy service, and the success of our customers and employees.

Our Values


We are grateful for each and every opportunity to serve our customers and the community.  Through respect and empowerment, we work together to create success for our customers and employees.


We partner with our customers and our community, working together to achieve mutual success through innovation and calculated risk.  We are proactive and open-minded in finding solutions that work for all of us.  We seek and provide honest feedback.


We are passionately driven to excellence and wholly committed to offering honest, safe and dependable financial services and advice.  We work every day to earn the trust of our customers, our community and our fellow employees.

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Please do not disclose account numbers, social security numbers, or personal information in your inquiry.

How did our logo get it’s shape?

PPNB Logo - Pikes

This, the beginning of our trademark identity, is the P in Pikes, and also stands for the progressive nature and attitudes of our bank.

PPNB Logo - Peak

The open area above, which represents the P for Peak, exemplifies the pride we have in our locally-owned operation.

PPNB Logo - National

The N is for National as well as for names — especially first names. We like to get to know our customers on a first name basis.

PPNB Logo - Combined

Bringing the parts together we form a B representing Bank. But not just a bank… we are a full service bank, equipped to handle all your banking needs.

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Please do not disclose account numbers, social security numbers, or personal information in your inquiry.