The foundation of PPNB’s business model is to create meaningful and lasting customer relationships and continue to provide value in those relationships each and every year. Our employees are proud to recognize you when you walk through our doors. They strive to get to know each customer by name and to provide service that makes a positive impact on your day.

Part of ensuring that the customer relationship remains strong and healthy is the protection of your account information and privacy. In order to do this, we have an identification policy where even if you have banked with us for years, we will often ask for your identification. Identification will be required when opening a new account, closing an existing account, making an address change, for some types of deposits, when cashing checks, and many other times when you are making changes to your accounts. The request for your identification is not done to create inconvenience to you or your family members. Quite the opposite; it is our duty to protect your privacy and accounts and we consider it an honor that you place your trust in us. Therefore, we will always ask for identification for these types of transactions.

From time to time, we bring new team members onto our staff. You will notice new faces in our teller areas and drive-thrus. Occasionally the new faces are indicative of turnover in the branches. Other times, the new faces mean that your favorite teller just earned a promotion and is now working in another department in the bank. Regardless, our new tellers don’t yet know you or your banking habits. It is their responsibility and their job to ask for your identification, even if it is inconvenient. Please know that our new tellers are doing their job very well when they don’t allow checks to be cashed on your account without proper identification.

Just think of our identification policy in this way: when the clerk at the liquor store asks for identification, we become flattered that we may look younger than our years. And when the teller at the bank asks for our identification, we can also become flattered – flattered that they are making the effort to protect one of our most valuable assets. Our money!